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About Helen Floyd

Helen Floyd is owner of Essential Healing and Massage. After a couple of decades in the Corporate world, she finalized training in Massage Therapy, is Licensed in the State of Illinois, nationally certified and has including specific training on a professional level in areas of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release techniques, Reiki and Jin SHjin Do Accuparessure. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and is the originator of the Seasonal Reiki Healing Attunement Event.

image of a woman holding her restless leg.
Restless legs, or Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a real issue for many people and can be debilitating because you can’t rest. It drives the sufferer to move their legs in response to irritating and strange sensations. It can range in severity from being a slight annoyance, to an intolerable condition that disturbs restorative sleep […]

Massage Therapy for Restless Legs

This is our famous formula that also has natural UV protection due to the combination of oils used, and skin healing properties for eczema, rashes, psoriasis or anyone battling very dry and cracked skin. Use it as an after sun application to prevent peeling and blistering. Don't forget, most of this blend also helps reduce wrinkles and rejuvinates skin cells.

Its Back- and Renamed- Skin Saver Shea Butter Blend

While this oil is recently high lighted for its use in cleaning, it has another side as well.It takes 1000 oranges -the oil is pressed from the rind of the fruit- to get about 2.5 cups of essential oil.

The oil of Tranquility

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