For Massage Therapists- The Ashiatsu Cage


The Ashiatsu Cage

Versatile, fits in most office rooms ( even small ones) and works  without having to  suspend anything from ceiling or walls.

This is the ultimate stand alone system, allowing you to add Ashiatsu to your modality list without having to dedicate a special room just for ashiatsu. You can perform all of your standard massage modalities  without having to  take anything apart.

The height is adjustable, and as an added bonus the side support bars, both middle and top can be used as support while performing an ashiatsu session. you’ll really like the 2 inch solid oak bars  that are the centerpiece. They are not only beautiful but they are very strong and feel good in the hands. As an added Bonus, this system  can go with you when you leave your current office. Just dissassemble and take it with you.

Designed by a practicing massage therapist for Ahiatsu, this rigging will solve many problems with initially getting set up for this modality.







20160412_204009To the Left is a just installed cage, in a therapy room with an office type drop ceiling. This is one of the most challenging applications for a massage Therapist wanting to offer Ashiatsu. You’ll notice the ability to use the bars in a DIFFERENT way, using your arms over the bars to support your weight. This gives you stability , control and the ability to modulate your weight in a way that is much  less upper arm intensive. Merely adjusting the height of the bars and/or  height of the table allows you to use the bars in the traditional fashion.

The other features are the ability to use the two upper metal support bars AND the side support bars to give you added range of movement and extra support for positioning body weight.

{photo courtesy of Essential Healing and Massage}




Below is the same cage with some “frills” added. This cage has been in use every day for several years. {photo courtesy of Massage Evolved in Chicago IL}











ashiBars-8Close ups of some of the configuration of the system, to the right and below:

{Courtesy of Massage Evolved in Chicago IL}













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