Far Infrared Sauna

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A  15 minute Sauna add-on is at any time before or after your  massage, Thai Bodywork or Yoga lesson for $15.00.

solo Sauna

Sauna Package Prices:

Buy 8 sessions ( we suggest at least twice a week) for 15% OFF  the discount add-on price.

8 Sauna sessions of 30 minutes $25.00

= $200.00

8 Sauna sessions of 40 minutes $34.00

= $272.00

8 Sauna sessions of 45 minutes $43.00

= $344.00

You may now book one-time Sauna only Treatments or as add-ons to a service.

One-time use Sauna Rates

Add-on to a Service Rate


20 minutes- $25.00 

20 minutes – $20.00

30 minutes $35.00 

30 minutes – $30.00

40 minutes  $45.00

40 minutes – $40.00

45 minutes  $50.00

45 minutes – $45.00

To sum up the important points on how best results are achieved with the FIR sauna: :

  • shorter sessions , (30 minutes is optimum) in the FIR Sauna, building up over time
  • towel off after each session
  • rehydrate with enough water, preferably alkaline or mixed with minerals.

* Most chemicals come out in the first few minutes of saunaing; The best results are achieved from many short sessions  just to the point of sweating; but you may want to start with two sessions a week and build up.

* Once the skin has warmed up well, towel off. You will want to towel off  the released chemicals, so they do not have a chance to be reabsorbed.  chemicals redistribute from deeper tissues into the superficial layers in a 24 hour cycle, and the process can be repeated. This way, after some weeks of saunaing, chemicals will gradually be drawn out from even deeper layers. Massage will help by physically mobilizing chemicals stuck in fat.

* If you sauna to the point of sweating, remember that sweat does not contain just the bad things; it also contains the good minerals.  So it is important to rehydrate with an alkaline water or water with a mix of minerals. At least 8 to 16 oz of water is recommended for rehydration.

* Far Infrared Saunaing does not damage the skin , Referencing work by Dr. Sherry Rogers “Detoxify or Die” , it has been shown that in  patients who have had fat-biopsies done before and after sauna detox regimes, everyone has been able to reduce their chemical load substantially. It is clear, then, that the saunaing techniques are effective. As a compelling example: one patient saw his chemical load reduce to 25% after a daily sauna for 3 weeks.

*Far infrared wavelengths have other beneficial properties. They lower lactic acid (the acid that accumulates and causes pain in muscles when you have overdone during exercising), stimulate endorphins or happy hormones of the brain, and kill organisms like bacteria and parasites. More important, they penetrate tissues, detoxify cells by vibrating ionic bonds, stop swelling, improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation, and attract calcium to cell membranes where it is needed for healing.