Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes at Essential Healing and Massage

 with Liz Gresher, CYT


Class will meet for approximately 60-75 minutes every Tuesday at 6:30pm unless otherwise posted.  No sign-up necessary, walk in $20.  This is a workshop-style class, focusing strongly on the physical practices of asana (the physical posturing in yoga) and pranayama (yogic breath control).  During the series, we will explore how yoga helps to join the body and mind in a way that reconnects us with our needs and cultivates total well-being.  Join us and discover for yourself the transformational effects of a safe and balanced yoga practice.

  If you have any questions, please contact Liz.

Classes will be held in Building B, suite 940, across from the Essential Healing and Massage main office.

Please come for class dressed in comfortable clothing with a loose or elastic waistband. Please bring a thin blanket or heavy towel that can be folded and placed under the head for support.

Props are often used in order to support or enhance certain asanas (postures).  Yoga mats, blocks, straps and other props are available for purchase at the studio.


Private Yoga Sessions

at Essential Healing & Massage

Everyone from the novice to the most seasoned practitioner can benefit from a private yoga session.  While it is wonderful to attend classes regularly, even the most experienced instructor is unable to provide individualized adjustment to every student within the group setting .  The focused attention of private instruction can help you to identify and target problem areas in new ways.  Sessions are designed to meet your needs and will help you to fine-tune your practice to fit your life.  The individualized sessions are ideal for dialogue with the instructor in order to eliminate the confusion or “Am I doing this right??” feeling that is common among attendees of group classes.  Private yoga sessions will help you to develop the art of alignment in the body, improving strength and toning muscles while preserving the integrity of joints and attachments.  This safe and balanced method will help you to personalize your practice in order to reach your wellness goals.

Private 60-minute sessions can be purchased individually or as a 5-class package.  Additionally, 30 minute private sessions can be scheduled before or after a massage of your choice in order to allow the therapist greater access to target areas or to boost the healing affects of the massage.  Please see pricing below…

Private 60-minute yoga session: $75
3-class package of individual private sessions:  $180
Duet Session- 2 people:$50.00 per person
Duet Session  – 2 people 3 pack $135.00 per person
Group class drop-in $20.00  for Tuesday 6:30 PM and all others

Schedule an Online Appointment

All equipment is provided for private classes, although you are welcome to bring any props that you prefer to use.  As always, dress in layered, comfortable clothes with a loose waistband and come ready to practice on an empty stomach or eat a light snack no less than 20 minutes prior to class.  Contact Essential Healing & Massage to schedule your classes today!