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It’s always interesting to hear some of the experiences our clients have had with massage while traveling or on vacation. It prompts me to think about what we are doing in our own office. One such  moment happened during a recent session where a client related that they had visited a private therapist while on vacation in Florida. The client’s appointment ended up being in a noisy salon setting, and my client was disappointed in the massage service. After telling the therapist the reasons why the service was not up to their expectations, the therapist- from my clients perspective- ignored the complaint and only asked if they would like to rebook, further insuring that this particular client would not cross the threshold again.

I am a believer in Edward Deming’s continuous improvement philosophy. While musing Essential Healing and Massageabout this experience which my client related to me, it seems the perfect I would like to take the opportunity to ask-is there something we can do better, or do YOU- our clients and prospective clients have suggestions for us? The experience our clients have in our office may be  different than we suppose that it is – so – I would really welcome feedback whether complimentary or not, so that we can have a better picture of our clients experience in our office and provide the best experience that we can.

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