Of all of things I love about having my business, one of my favorite exciting moments is when I unveil new soaps that have been curing . Some of these were made back in June. Handmade soap is not just a luxury. It was not so long ago that everyone who wanted to have soap¬† […]

Handmade Soaps

Distillations of Plants and herbs have been used for centuries help us nurture our bodies , and keep us in touch with natural cycles. It is only during the high stress modern times that these connections have been lost.

August 2014 Newsletter

It’s always interesting to hear some of the experiences our clients have had with massage while traveling or on vacation. It prompts me to think about what we are doing in our own office. One such¬† moment happened during a recent session where a client related that they had visited a private therapist while on […]

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Benefits of practice: Upward-Facing Dog Pose improves posture and strengthens the arms, wrists and the spine. Space is created along the front of the hips, relieving the pain of sciatica.

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