About Eclectic Wellness LLC

Welcome to Eclectic Wellness and its circle of  well, eclectic offerings! Eclectic Wellness has grown out of  a previous business that was decimated by the Pandemic years. Essential Healing and Massage closed its doors in 2020, and I have since relocated. That business taught me a lot about customer service, and the work required to create a business.

I’m no stranger to restarting from scratch,  having left the corporate world after decades there to begin to create a unique Therapeutic massage clinic experience EHM.

Eclectic Wellness offers  wellness products in addition to  online booking for distance Reiki treatments. I am building upon the more than 17 years of experience in working with clients one on one to help them maintain their health and well being. Even without hands on personal sessions ,I want to help you reach your wellness goals. I am experienced with Aromatherapy, Detoxification, and pain relief. The Health and Wellness of my customers is my main objective.

The products that are curated here are those that have been personally tested, and shown to be valuable in either relieving pain, soothing the mind-body connection, or in the case of Distance Reiki appointments working with the client’s energy to address a specific discomfort or concern.

I have long used Aromatherapy for clients and have made many custom blends for specific purposes, in addition to using them in my handmade soaps!

The essential oils carried here are the the best available from trusted sources with who provide test data on each batch of oils.

photo of helen floyd
Hi, I’m Helen! I was  a licensed Massage Therapist for over seventeen years until the closing of Essential Healing and Massage in 2020. I’m an escapee from the corporate world with nearly two decades of electrical engineering experience and Eclectic Wellness is the next evolution in my journey.
I am a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, Aromatherapist and I love to garden, raise chickens, cats and dogs . I like to draw and bead. I’m currently restarting my next stage of life on a 5 acre homestead that I’ll be building out with gardens as I become settled and am able to rehab the soil for optimum growth.