Rosalina Oil, Aromatherapy oil of the month

Rosalina Essential oil

Also known as lavender tea tree oil, Rosalina essential oil combines the soothing effects of lavender with the fast-fighting power of tea tree. It is a fantastic choice for the caring of respiratory and skin conditions.

Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericifolia

Extraction Method: Steam-distilled
Part of Plant Distilled: Leaves, twigs and branches
Country of Origin: Australia

Cultivation Method: Wild harvested

Scent Description: Uplifting lemon infused in fresh pine floating on the back of a buttery wind

Blends With: Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon, Rose Otto, Cape Chamomille, Blue Tansy, Immortelle, Cypress, and Palo Santo

Uses: antibacterial, immune-stimulant, antiviral, sedative, decongestant


If tea tree oil is an in-your-face powerhouse of healing, Rosalina essential oil slips in through the back door. With a scent and energy that is more subdued than tea tree, it is a wonder Rosalina is just as therapeutically potent as her better-known brother.


Australian aborigines traditionally used Rosalina to treat skin imbalances, including the herpes virus, acne, boils, and warts. In addition to clarifying the skin, Rosalina has been historically used for treating chest congestion, upper respiratory infections, and imbalances caused by bacteria.


Rosalina’s lavender scented pedigree make it a fantastic insomnia treatment, and its calming properties ease the discomfort of emotional and spiritual transitions. Like thyme linalool and lavender essential oils, Rosalina contains a high level of linalool, the calming botanical compound that makes this oil so relaxing. The chemical composition of authentic Rosalina essential oil boasts anywhere from 42-62% linalool.


This oil is the perfect choice for those who like the scent of lavender or those who find tea tree oil to be too medicinal-smelling and intense. Rosalina combines the best of both worlds, offering intense healing power with a fragrance that’s refreshingly pleasant and mild. Like lavender with a forest-freshness.

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