The oil of Tranquility

We use a lot of essential oils in our office, We thought it might be nice to  give everyone some information on some of our favorites!



Essential Oil facts and uses

Orange Oil

While this oil is recently high lighted for its use in
cleaning, it has another side as well.It takes 1000 oranges -the oil is pressed from the rind of the fruit- to get about 2.5 cups of essential oil.
1. Anti-depressant, antianxiety and naturally antiseptic.
2. Harmonizing to the body and mind
3. Always combine with a base oil as it may irritate some skin if applied directly. Good for the elderly and
Common Uses: For anxiety, nervousness or
depression, inhale directly from the bottle. OR combine 1 drop with enough base oil( such as almond or olive) to
fit in your palm and massage on your neck, abdomen orlow back.
For sleeplessness– mix with a base oil in the bath or
Combine with lavender or peppermint for abdomen
massage for a sluggish stomach.

Essential Healing and Massage carries AETOS  organic and GMO free Essential oils. Yes, we have Orange oil!

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About Helen Floyd

Helen Floyd is owner of Essential Healing and Massage. After a couple of decades in the Corporate world, she finalized training in Massage Therapy, is Licensed in the State of Illinois, nationally certified and has including specific training on a professional level in areas of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release techniques, Reiki and Jin SHjin Do Accuparessure. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and is the originator of the Seasonal Reiki Healing Attunement Event.