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2100 Manchester Rd. Suite 610

Wheaton, IL 60187 (630) 863 4712

Essential Healing and Massage is a Wheaton Massage Therapy Clinic located approximately 30 miles west of Chicago, IL. We are conveniently located to serve the Wheaton, Winfield, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, West Chicago,Carol Stream  areas. Individuals interested in reducing stress, having relaxation therapy and  maintaining health and well-being will benefit, as well as  those who need relief from specific discomforts such as Fibromyalgia symptoms, TMJ, Arthrtis, Sciatic pain, and MLS symptoms .  Lymphatic  Drainage (LDT) is also a specialty of ours, and we also do Pregnancy Massage! We love our jobs and take great pride in our work, and hope you’ll see the difference that makes in your massage.

Your massage experience starts with the oils and creams that touch your skin- they are handcrafted as a proprietary blend of antioxidant and skin-regenerative oils that are renowned for their healing properties. There are no nut oils in these blends in order to prevent any of the highly allergic reactions caused by nuts. They are small-batch as well, so that everything touching your skin is the freshest and most beneficial it can possibly be. Since we want only the best quality touching you, we use only 100% cotton sheets to pamper your skin with. Our laundry service contracts with us to use only an organic, biodegradable detergent with NO artificial scents or dryer sheets to prevent any allergic reactions.

Essential Healing & Massage

*630 863 4712*


Essential Healing and Massage

2100 Manchester Road Suite 610

Wheaton IL 60187

(630) 863 4712