Product Spotlight: Custom Massage Oil Blend

One of the things I was very careful about when i started Essential Healing and Massage, was the fact that I wanted absolutely everything to be of thEHMproduct-30e best and purest quality that was to touch my clients skins. Why? the  skin is the largest organ of the body, and will absorb what is put on it or what it comes in contact with. It can absorb either a lovely organic  Jojoba oil, or the dioxins from a commercially preserved formulation. A handmade product not only allows me to keep high quality, it also allows me  to be sure of what is NOT in the formulation.Some of our clients are battling health issues, and adding to their toxic load while undergoing treatment would not be helpful to their bodies. The commercial oil blends I came across were filled with preservatives and attention had not been paid to the blending ratios of varying weights of oils, resulting in a comedogenic ( pore clogging) blend, and one that would go quickly rancid .

Essential Healing and Massage’s Cocojoba  handmade blend of oils is the result of carefully blending healthy oils that are beneficial to healing the body and will not clog pores. Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Virgin organic Coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E, and egyptian carrotseed oil  among others makes a luxurious , healthy blend that will bring moisture and cell regeneration qualities to your skin.  Since we use high quality essential oils in our treatments, this oil blend is marvelous for a carrier oil as well as being able to help those essential oils penetrate deeper into the skin to do their job.

Yes, I do sell this oil blend to clients. Ask next time you are in for your appointment.

About Helen Floyd

Helen Floyd is owner of Essential Healing and Massage. After a couple of decades in the Corporate world, she finalized training in Massage Therapy, is Licensed in the State of Illinois, nationally certified and has including specific training on a professional level in areas of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release techniques, Reiki and Jin SHjin Do Accuparessure. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and is the originator of the Seasonal Reiki Healing Attunement Event.